April 26, 2009


So as many of you know...softball pretty much runs our life. We have Co-Ed on Friday nights, Mens league on Saturday and then the various tournaments we play in. We pretty much love it. So does Lucas. This last weekend we had the opportunity to go up to Nellis Air Force base to play in a benefit tournament. We were the only civilian team to be invited. It was a lot of fun but a LONG day. We left our house at 6:30 am and returned home at 10pm. Luckily it was only like 85 degrees that day instead of like 95 (which it has been this week). The Varian team played very well. They ended up taking 3rd place after 7 long games. They had to play so many games because they had to work themselves up the loser's bracket due to a loss their second game.

Here is a picture of the team. The two guys in orange shirts were from the sponsering teams. We were a couple of players short so they filled in. The team even won another trophy. It was really cool.

I think Lucas liked being there for another reason. He LOVED playing in the dirt. Basically he played in the dirt for 12 hours. We went through a whole package of wipes trying to keep him at least presentable....it didn't help. If you look at the picture above at his socks or his little but....you can see dirt...EVERYWHERE.

Here is another one---this is how Lucas watched the game when he wasn't playing in the dirt.

This is a little picture I snapped while Lukey and Daddy were playing in the grass between games. I just love these boys!


Jayne & Alex Nelson said...

I love those boys too! I love that picture of them at the very bottom! PRICELESS! Look at that cute grin!!!

Valerie Christensen said...

Robyn! It's Val. I have been blog stalking people all night and found your blog from Megan's.
We had fun last night. It was a little crazy, but so glad you came. And I hear you about the softball. I always joke that softball is Jared's one true love. The kids and I are a close second.

Ted said...

It's a good thing you enjoy softball cause that darn heat will kill you. That's too hot for me to play in. I have to hit a home run to even get to first base. You guys are the cutest little family and I love that wild man Lukie!Robyn, you're doing an awsome job on Garrett's blog. Keep up the good work. You're a cool big sister! Love, Aunt Jo

Heather Lyons said...

That picture of John and Lucas is ADORABLE! I love it! Miss you guys!