April 17, 2009

Happy Easter...plus some.

Happy Easter to everyone. Easter this year took on a whole new meaning for our family. With Garrett's cancer diagnosis the reality of the Savior's love has never been more apparent in our lives. As John and I celebrated Easter here in Vegas while G-baby was still in the hospital we took some time to reflect on what Easter really means. It means that we will live again. It means that because the Savior loved us so much he broke the bands of death so that we can be together forever. At this time in our lives that knowledge has brought so much comfort and peace. I am grateful for the knowledge we have of the gospel and the knowledge that Families are Together Forever!

Here is a picture of our little family on Easter morning before church. We missed everyone up home but we had a really great Easter with some friends and some family. We had Emily and Jeremy Monroe with their two cute little girls and some friends from our ward, Jared and Valerie Christensen with their two kids over for dinner. We definately had a full house but it was so much fun.

I wanted to post this picture because it makes me laugh. Every day when John gets home from work Lucas yells, "Dadda....dadda!!! yaaaaaaaa Dadda!" and then he runs to the door so we can meet him. Personally I think he just gets so excited cause daddy lets Lukey "dive" the truck. He holds out his hands like he is holding on the wheel and says, "dive...dadda...dive" and John puts him on his lap and lets him pretend like he is driving. I think it is the highlight of his day.


Jono and Natasha said...

That picture of Lucas and John in the truck is really cute! I am glad you guys had a good Easter. Your brother is in our prayers.

Christine said...

Hey lady! Your hair is getting long! I hope you guys are doing well!