September 7, 2008

Look what I can do now!!

Lucas would like to share with you all what he has been mastering all week long!

September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

John and I decided to take advantage of our three day weekend with no work and no school. So it all started on Saturday when we went over to our friend Brian's house to go swimming in the pool. Lucas loves to swim but he has never been in a "real" pool. So it was so fun to see him having so much fun. This is a picture of Daddy and Lucas after they just got in the pool. Lucas wanted to be held close but after a few minutes he stretched out to get a tennis ball and throw it at mama!I was sitting on this little rafty thing and I decided to put Lucas on there with me. He thought it was hilarious that we could float around the pool and splash Daddy. There is this little hole where my feet are and he kept leaning forward to splash John with the water. John would go under water and pop his head up through the littl hole and Lucas would just laugh laugh laugh so loud. It was so much fun.
However, swimming for several hours takes its toll on a 1 year old. This was Lucas in the car on the ride home. By the way... that little yellow blanket thing is his "hug me" he will not leave his crib without it and heaven forbid we leave it at home...won't happen :) He loves his little hug me. He like to grab it and hug it and then put his face in it. It is his FAVORITE thing ever. He does however also have a blanky. If he doesn't have the hug me cause it's being washed or it is in the other room...he better have his blanky. The blanky is courtesy of his favorite Auntie Karlee who made it for him.

Monday we went on a little hike up in Red Rock Canyon. I think the hike was called Ice Box Canyon. It was so much fun. Lucas had so much fun! Tibo went too but he was a little out of shape...he kept trying to rest in the shade. After we went on a hike we ate a little picnic lunch in our car on the way home :)This is Tibo after the hike. He was exhausted! We'll definately have to take him on more walks now that it is cooling down outside! He loves hiking though so we will have to go up there to Red Rock more often this fall.