November 15, 2007

It was about time to add some pictures of Lucas. It amazing how fast babies grow and change. I feel like every morning I need to take a good look at my baby and enjoy him exactly as he looks and acts right then because tomorrow he will be a little older and a little different. Someone told me before I even had lucas that I needed to enjoy every second and appreciate it because he would grow faster than I think...boy were they right. Watching my little boy grow and change is one of the highlights of my day!! He is so much fun to just stare at.

Three months is coming up and on Saturday we will be getting some portraits taken of him. We will see how all goes in trying to get him to smile when he is supposed to. I hear the place we are taking him to is really great! We shall see.

This is picture of Luke playing in his little bouncy seat thing. He really loves to play in it because he can make the music start all by himself. This picture was taken the first time we put him in it. I don't think he knew what was going on.

What a little cutie is he!! His beautiful baby blues are gonna stay that way it seems. He gets that from his Aunt Jaynie and his Great Grandma Lyons...not from me or Daddy.

Lucas just really likes to "chill". This is him just kickin' back in the recliner with his boppy pillow.

This is my new FAVORITE picture! He is such a happy boy and I love to make him smile! He just gets a giggeling and it makes me so happy! :)

I have decided that I absolutely love being a mama and I can't believe why anybody would not want to be! It is such a joy every moment you see your little one looking at you. Especially when I haven't seen him all day and as soon as he sees me he gets a big cheesy grin because he is happy to see me!!

November 13, 2007

Baby talk

It has been over a week since I posted anything so maybe I should get on the ball. Lucas has learned how to not really talk.....but he LOVES the sound of his own voice! He will oooo and ahhhh and babble for 20 mintues straight. He talkes when he is on the changing table, or when he's in the car or in his swing, it doen't matter to him. He will just keep his little self entertained.

This has become quite the blessing for his mama!! Working full time and then still finding time to get stuff done has become quite the challenge for me. So Lucas often times gets propped up on a Boppy pillow next to mama on the bed while she folds laundry. He will just sit there and talk to me like he's telling stories.

John jokes around that if he talks this much now, he'll never shut up when he actually can talk. Something he says DEFINATELY came from me! :) There is definately no denying that I am the talker in the family. It has been so much fun to listen and watch him. Stay tuned for a video. I am working on how to convert the video into a smaller format so it is postable.

November 4, 2007

Snotty noses and poopy diapers!

Being a new mom, I have definately dealt with things I have never before dealt with. Lucas has a cold, and while he is fine, I am not so sure I can handle much more. I didn't know something so small could produce so much snot! This kid has a booger in his nose all the time. We have developed a talent for the "snot sucker" as we call it. The bulb thing they give you at the hospital. Lucas hates it when we stick it in his nose, but he is breathing much better.

Lucas had the biggest poopy diaper was a blowout up the back. It got all over his pants and his onesie and his socks and the changing table, and the blanket. It was the most awkward thing ever to change. He got it all over the changing table, so I was trying to not get any on his hands or his back (which I had already cleaned off). Needless to say it took way more than just one wipey. He just layed their and smiled away while I was not having much fun at all!

Oh the joys of a little baby. It is a really good thing I love him so much...cause if he wasn't mine and definately would have handed him off to someone else! :)