April 5, 2009

The goings on for the last...oh Month!

I know, I know...it's been a LONG time since I updated my blog. Well, now this one is going to be LONG!!! I will give a brief update on what our little family has been up to for the last two months.

Melissa got married...in Idaho. So we made the 10 hour trek up for the wedding. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. Melissa looked gorgeous, as always. The wedding was so nice. The temple sealer gave such great advice to them...and to all those who were present. It was really nice to see everyone. We went snowboarding while were there....and I went on all of 4 runs before I started puking right in front of the lodge at Pomerelle. Yep....right there in the front (well, sort of the side by where you buy your tickets) I sat down and lost it...it was super embarrasing. This kid standing there talking to his friends says, "oh yuck!" Yep, that is me...I have to get the flu the day we all decide to go snowboading for the last time of the season. Luckily it was only a 24 hour bug...the bad thing is that I gave it to Jacob, Garrett, and I think Travis. Sorry boys :)

Well as you can imagine a 10 hour drive with a toddler can be an interesting thing....Luckily we went prepared....with the Wiggles. Lucas totally loves the Wiggles. They are this group of 4 guys who have a show on the Disney Channel and it is all fun and music. Well, John stopped at Wal-Mart on his way home from work and purchased a Wiggles DVD. This is a picture of Lucas sitting in his car seat, eating a snack, totally entertained by the Wiggles. We got a good HOUR with nothing but Lucas watching the "Wiggies" as he calles them every time we popped in the DVD.

Also this past couple of months we were able to go to a Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox game out at Cashmen field. It was so much fun. They have Major League week here in Vegas towards the end of Spring Training. This year was so much fun. We were surrounded by all these people who's Chicago accents starting getting thicker and thicker the more beer they drank. Lucas absolutely loved it. He sat on my lap the first 4 innings clapping and cheering, so excited to be watching "ball". This kid loves baseball. Which shouldn't suprise me considering we play 4 games a week of softball and watch baseball on TV several times a week, when the Red Sox play. I have never seen him so happy. All the people around us started watching Lucas more than the game because he was so into the game. If the person made a hit...he'd throw his arms in the air and scream 'Yaaaaay". If the batter struck out he go, "ooohhh man". I wish I had the video for it. If I find it I'll upload it for you all to see. It was hilarious.

We have been trying to get Lucas weened off of his "mi-mi". I think we are getting close. He went to bed last night with out asking for it and went right down. He didn't have it all day for the last week except for bedtime. Hopefully...we can get him off of it. I got to say though, it will be weird not to see it in his mouth when he is sleeping. He always looks so cute.

Early in March John and I went up to Brian Head Ski Resort in Utah to do some Spring Snowboarding. We had so much fun. We went with the Dayhoff's and Brian and Amy. (Some friends of ours from Softball). We went up on a Thursday after work to stay in the Dayhoff's time share. We watched Ruby and Levi on Friday so that Steve and Diana could ski and then they watched Lucas on Saturday so we could snowboard. One downside to the whole trip...THE SUN is really bright in the spring. SUNSCREEN!!! Yep, makes sense right....nope, the thought of sunscreen totally eluded me and this is what we looked like the next day. My face felt like it was on FIRE!! It peeled and I looked like a snake trading skin. Let's just say that next time I will definately take sunscreen. We got teased soooo much at church. Even the stake president was in our ward for something and he even came up and shook our hands and said, "At least you were together." It was totally worth it though. Brian Head will now become an annual trip for the Turner's We had so much fun!


Carrie said...

Good luck wrapping up the binky thing! :) Emma had a hard time, and then magically one day, she was just fine. A friend of mine has the "binky fairy" visit her house. They lay out all their binkies at night, and then in the morning, they have a special surprise in place of the binkies, just for big kids. No more binkies. Anyway, I love keeping up with your family! :)

Kona & Jared Harper said...

Robyn, I am sorry to hear about your brother. Know that he and your family are in mine and Jareds prayers. If there is anything we can do please let us know.

Phantom said...

Robyn, just heard about Garret, please have parker email me Phantomsniper801@aol.com

-Steve Strank