April 9, 2009

My little brother...

As some of you already know my baby brother was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer on monday. It was a really tough thing to swallow because I think of my baby bro as invinceable. He is one of my hero's. The kid's got a heart of gold and a spirit to match. This week has been a very long one but we have truely been blessed by the power of our Heavenly Father's love. Despite the diagnosis our family has banded together to support Garrett in his battle. We have truely felt the power of prayer influencing our lives this week.

Thank you to all of our family and friends for the words of concern and hope. While I have been able to be here this week while we are learning what will be happening as we progress through this battle...I won't be able to stay here in Utah/Idaho. I will be back in Vegas on Saturday. In order to keep connected and to keep everyone else connected we have created a blog. Please feel free to follow Garrett through this long and arduous journey he is on. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. The blog is: gbabybattleback.blogspot.com


The Jacobson FamDam said...


Have you or your little brother looked at books regarding cancer that has been cured by changing diets and adjusting what is put into your body? Let me know if you want more info on it. I am sending him nothing but positive healing thoughts and I know it will all work out.

All my love,

Linda Jacobson

Bradbury Trio said...

My Mom called me yesterday with the news. I'm so sad to hear about this, but he is definitely in our prayers. Thanks for the blog address so we can stay updated...XOXO

Amber said...

When I talked to Carrie yesterday, she told me the news. Garrett and your family are in my prayers. I know the Holy Ghost will give you all peace and strength through this trial.