July 26, 2008

11 months and look what I can do!!

So Saturday after the pioneer day celebration I was pretty tired so John offered to clean up the kitchen and watch Lucas for a little while so I could lay down for a minute. Then within a few mintues John comes over and says, "you have to come look at your son." I jump up and run into the kitchen to find this:

So after empting almost the entire contents of the island cabinet he decides he is not finished until he get every last lid out of the cupboard. So he had to climb in to reach the last one. Then, once there he kind of liked it. After playing with the lid inside the cupboard he thought he should pick everything back up and put it away...from inside the cupboard.

Then he got board with that and left a big mess of pots on the kitchen floor! John and I had to have been standing there watching him for like 20 minutes. He'd poke his head out and pull something in with him...then he'd push it back out and grab something else. It was hilarious!

July 6, 2008

Zion National Park--4th of July

John and I decided that since we couldn't go home for 4th of July we were going to do something fun anyway. We packed up late Thursday night and then first thing Friday morning we jumped in the car and drove to Zion National Park. We had so much fun. We were only able to stay for one night due to church responsibilities but it was worth it. It was like 100 degrees the first night and so we slept Lucas in just his diaper and John and I slept on top of the sleeping bags. The second day was much better as it was only in the upper 80's with occasional cloud cover. We went on several of the hikes. Some great friends of our let us borrow their backback to carry Lucas in. I think John and I are going to invest in one. It worked great and Lucas had a blast. The only downside is that we couldn't take Tibo along because there is only one trail that dogs are allowed on and we didn't think it would be fair to him to leave him at camp, nor did we think it would be fair to the other campers as Tibo tends to bark alot when he sees thing going on.

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip.

Lucas found hiking ver relaxing. This is a picture of him sleeping on our about 1 mile round trip hike. We went on 3 different lenghth hike and about half way through each of them, he fell asleep!

This is our cute family on our hike up to the top of the 3 Emerald Lakes. A great hike. The weather was wonderful. Lucas fell asleep just as we started coming down the mountain.

This is Lucas having his first french fry. We ate Lunch at the Zion Lodge so we didn't have to carry a cooler hiking.

Daddy and Lucas on our last hike of the trip.

Lucas again fell asleep about half way through that final hike!

On our way out of the final hike off to the side of the road was this deer. Just eating away at this little tree. There were two deer but this was the last picture on our memory card. Good thing the trip was over!