May 4, 2008

Updated Pictures

Lucas is standing now. Well, pretty much pulling himself up on anything...the wall, the couch, the baby gate, you name it. Not only that but he is into EVERYTHING. His favorite thing to get into is the cupboards of the entertainment system. He crawls over and pulls open the cupboard and then opens the drawer and empties the contents all over my living room. I then go and pick everything up and then Lucas crawls back over and empties it again. It's a fun game.

Our little family went on a hike a few weeks ago. It was nice outside and since it was stake conference we thought it would be fun to drive up to Mount Charlston and go for a hike. We had so much fun. Tibo loved it. There was still a little bit of snow and it took 15 minutes just to get Tibo to come out of it. He was having so much fun playing fetch in the snow with John. It was such a fun afternoon. We packed a little picnic lunch and stayed up there for a couple of hours.

John and his company finally got their first Gold Medal in Corporate Challenge. They took the gold in Kickball...yes know where you kick the four-square ball and then run around the bases. You know,the game you played when you were in 3rd grade. Well they hung in there and won all of their games. It was so much fun to watch these big bad adults having a blast playing kick ball.

Lucas has started eating finger foods. This was his first time having a little biter bisquit. He loves them but they make a huge mess. I took this picture and couldn't help but post it. It is just too cute.