February 12, 2009


Okay everyone I am finally taking the time to share with you all what has been going on the last month at our house. Where to begin....

Lucas is growing and learning at a rate so fast I am having a hard time keeping up. The kid is waaaay to smart for his own good. His vocabulary this last month went from like 10 words to like 100 words. He basically repeats the last thing you say every time you talk to him. Example:

Mommy- Lukey do you want some Yogurt?
Lucas- Ogert, peeese

My favorite thing that just melts my heart every morning is he says, "Hi Mommy" or "Hi Daddy" or my favorite "Hi Teetee" as soon as he sees us. It is so fun to hear him talking. Today John was playing with him and they were playing with the big lego like blocks and he would pull two blocks apart and John would say, "Uh oh, you broke it" and Lukey would answer back, "uh oh i boke it" and then they would put them back together and John would say, "yeah you fixed it" and Lucas would clap his hands all proud and say, "i fix it". HILARIOUS!! It is so much fun to see him progress.

Another story for today, Lucas learned to climb into the dryer when he helps mommy fold laundry. Here are a couple of pictures. He was having a grand old time just hanging out in there after he dumped all of the clothes on the floor.

The funny thing is later after he had dinner and went to bed I came back upstairs to check on him and this is what I see in the crib:

This Lucas laying on top of the pillow with his blanket bunched on top of him, with his foot hanging out the side of the crib. Oh, and he was snoring! Man I just love this kid!


John is back in school for the semester taking two classes again. He is retaking his upper division Calculous class because his teacher last semester was not very pleasant (that is being kind) and then he is taking a super hard programing class. Which is kind of funny because he was all excited about his programing class because he really enjoys that type of thing but this class requires way more homework and time than he had thought. Good news is he had his first exams this week and he got a 92 on his Calc test and he's not sure on the programing exam but he said he felt like he did really well.


Me...I am going part time at work!! YEAH!! We decided that Lucas is to the point where he needs to have me around more. So my gracious boss is allowing me to work two days at the office and one day from home! That means 3 days of being home with my favorite little guy in the whole world. I am so excited. We are going to go to the park and have so much fun. My house will definately stay alot cleaner and I don't think we'll run out of underwear again :) This is hopefully going to be such a blessing for our family.

Softball starts again tomorrow so I'll try to get a few photo's of us in action. The good news about going part time at work too is that now I will actually have some time to do things like update my blog and keep up on all of my friends.