December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

This is the view from in front of our house down the road this morning at 7am. SNOW!!! All in all it ended up dumping about 4 inches at our house. The schools around town were cancelled because Vegas doesn't have any snow removal equipment.
This is a picture of our house. I know to all you Idahoan and Utahans it looks totally puny but this snow storm pretty much shut Vegas down yesterday. The roads were crazy icy and people were slipping all over the place. John and I however....LOVED EVERY SECOND!!
This is Livy and Lucas. Livy is the neighbor accross the street. She and Lucas are only 3 days apart. They had so much fun playing in the snow. I think more than anything they were just so intrigued by this new white stuff that they kept just running around kicking it. Aren't Livy's little boots soooo cute!
Lucas and mommy played in the snow for like over an hour. We had a snowball fight with Dad and the camera. And Livy's big brother Liam came over for a snowball fight too. I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid. It was the most perfect snowball snow. I wish we could have had a snow day today like the schools and played all day long! :)

If you don't believe that we got four inches...this is what was left this morning on the wall by our house after the sun had been out for an hour. I can't wait until we get to Idaho and can play in the snow again...cause by the time I get home I am sure this snow will be all gone.

December 17, 2008

SNOW!!!! In Vegas!!!

This is from outside my office (well my Boss's office) window. It is SNOWING in VEGAS!! I love it. I am so excited. It has been snowing for like 3 hours and now it is sticking to the ground!! Isn't it glorious beautiful snow!

December 14, 2008

Lucas Hugs

Lucas today decided that he wanted to start giving really good hugs...All the time. This is Lucas hugging his daddy...I dont' think you can hear it very well but he goes "aauugghhh" when he gives hugs like he is squeezing sooooo hard.

December 7, 2008


Lucas LOVES to play. Today was no exception. He decided he wanted to play in the cupboards in the kitchen and this is what we came in to find:

He was having himself a wonderful time. Throwing the bags like he was sitting in a big pile of leaves. John and I had to take a picture. It was just too funny.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am only 2 weeks late but I guess it is better late than never. Mom and Dad and Katelyn and Garrett all came down to spend Thanksgiving with us. We had a great time. The food turned out wonderful and we had so much fun spending some time with everyone. Here are a couple of pictures.

After Thanksgiving and some Black Friday shopping we all went Bowling at the South Point. We had a lot of fun. Notice that my score (R) was higher than John's (J boy)! That's right...I beat John bowling...It is like the only thing that I can beat him at. We really did have a lot of fun. The place was packed but it was really fun.

Me and my honey in the back of dad's car on our way to go bowling. Isn't he just freakin' hot! I think so. I just really love him.

November 8, 2008

The big Pow-Wow

John has a friend who works with him who is Native American and he goes to POW-WOW's and dances in all of the traditional Indian attire. They had a pow-wow here in Vegas that they invited us to. We decided to go and see Rich and his kids dance. It was really really cool. There were lots of dancers and Rich was explaining to us what all of the dances met and what all of the clothes meant. He was explaining the difference between Northern and Southern styles of dancing...etc. We had a really good time. Lucas had a lot of fun because John (Rich's son) was teaching him how to dance. It was really cute to see Lucas bouncing up and down to the beat of the drum.

This is Rich and John dancing in an exhibition dance for all the men. It was really fun to watch. Later in the evening Rich danced in a War dance with about 10 other men. It was really cool to see them all in their colorful clothing and with their bells and stuff dinging at the same time as the war drums. We really did have a great time.
This is Rich. He was kind enough to let us get a picture of him with Lucas and John. Lucas thought the bells around his legs were so cool but couldn't figure out how he made noise when he walked.

Doggy Door

Well Lucas' new favorite thing to do is to climb out the doggy door to go outside and play. Usually we catch him before he can actually get out. Well, the other night he was too speedy and climbed all the way through before John could get him. The slider was locked so it took John a minute to get it open....Lucas thought he was so smart because he was outside and Daddy couldn't get to him. He ran away as soon as John got the door open. He didn't want to come back inside. Here are a couple of pictures from the first few times he climed through.

My kid is CRAZY!!

November 7, 2008

Turner Family Pictures

I have been meaning to post these pictures for the last few weeks. When we went home to Idaho in October for David and Jason's mission reports we also had some family pictures. They turned out really great. Here are a couple of my favorites.

This is Travis and Jill and Ethan. John's Brother and his wife and their little guy.

This is my absolute favorite picture of Lucas! It turned out great. I love how his little hands are clasped. He did this all on his own. He loves getting his picture taken!

This is all of the kids in the family playing peak-a-boo for the camera!

These are all of the kids in John's family. Starting from the oldest to youngest-- John, Travis, Melissa, David and Jason, Megan, and Jacob. What a good lookin' family.

Here's the whole gang together! All of us...except for Mike and Garrett who haven't officially joined are family yet....but they will soon and then we'll have to get new the wedding:)

October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

So I am not really a big fan of Halloween. I am a big wimp and scary costumes give me nightmares! I know...Just ask John! Well now that we have a little guy to dress up it has been a little more exciting. Well- John's company has an annual picknick/Halloween party around this time of the year. They do costume contests and give out gift cards. John and I initially wanted to go as Robin Hood and Little John and make Lucas a little merry men...But I ran out of time and couldn't make the costumes...and I am too cheap to purchase it for one maybe two nights. So in talking with Melissa (my sister in law) she suggested that we go as Prince and Princess and have Lucas be the Frog know Lucas is the before and John is the after. Super cute Idea right. Well, it turned out to be great. I was just going to purchase a frog costume for Lucas but after calling about 7 places and no one having a frog costume for a 1 year old I decided to make it. It turned out really cute.
The picnic was at a place called the Springs Preserve. It is this little educational preserve thing that kids go to in elementary school and stuff. It was actually pretty cool. We walked around for while afterwords and looked at all of the vegtables and things that grow here the Vegas climate. Lucas LOVED it. He sat and played in dirt, ran around, got poked by a cactus. He had a blast!

This is me and Lukey in our costumes. It is not a very good picture of my costume but my sister in law had this great dress that I borrowing. She wore it to a dance in High School. It was the perfect princess dress. Actually- while we were walking around the preserve they do this trick or treat thing there. There were all of these cute little kids in costumes all over the place. Well this cute little girl comes and tugs on my dress and says so sweetly, "You're a princess". It was so cute. She was so excited to see a "real princess".

Here is John and Lukey in their costumes. It took forever but John let me talk him into wearing the crown. I am glad that he did because he looks great!

Here are a couple of our friends who dressed up as well:
This is Steve and Diana and their cute kids Levi and Ruby.
This is Tyler and Jackie or should I say Jane and Tarzan.
This is Beth and Terry. I think their costumes were really cool. It was super realistic.
We had a great time this year at the company picnic. Tonight is our ward Trunk or Treat so we get to dress up should be fun. I'll try to take a picture of our whole family together and post it tomorrow.

October 21, 2008

Long overdue post!

Well I have officially been repremanded for not updating my blog in over 4 weeks. The funny thing is usually I don't update it because there is not much that has happened since I last posted...however, that is not the case with this month because I feel a lot has happened to our little family these last few weeks. I'll start from the beginning.

For those of you who don't know. I live in Las Vegas. A 100% total desert. Well apparently I live an a particular area of Las Vegas where there is a lare population of Sun Spiders. Now, I get my house spayed every month for pest control and have yet to see one....until now! It was about 9pm, Lucas was fast asleep and I had curled up on the recliner to watch some TV. Out of the corner of my eye I see something running across the floor of my living looked kinda like a mouse out of the corner of my eye. We I get up and go over to see what it is and this is what I see! YEP a GINOURMOUS SUN SPIDER! He was at least 2 inches around and about and inch off the floor as he was running! Totally freaked me out. Lucas is running all over and the thought that that giant spider could have bitten him just scares me to death. Needless to say I couldn't kill it...I was too scared to get close to it. So I called John at work and made him come home. He gets home and sees it through the bowl and says, "ya big baby it's not that big." Until he lifts up the bowl and sees the stupid thing full on! Then he says,"Ok, you may be right...that thing is totally freaky" So he goes in the kitchen and gets a cookie sheet and moves the bowl and smacks it with the cookie sheet so it stuns it. Then he scooped it up with the bowl and threw it in the toilet so we could flush him. I am still having nightmares to this day!! I called the pest people and told them to come out ASAP and spray my whole house. They were very good and came the next morning after I called.
Doggie Door!
We finally got a doggie door for Tibo. Well, our cute little Asian neighbor Charlie got Tibo a doggie door. She said she noticed we didn't have a door for our dog and she wanted to buy one for us. She said that dogs are like her grandchildren and she loves them so much that she would do anything for them. So she asks us to measure our door and a couple of days later she comes with this! Tibo loves it. He can sleep on the couch and then go out a go potty with out having to tell anyone to let him out! I like it too!
Lucas really enjoyes the door too. He thinks it is a great place to put his toys, remotes, shoes, etc when he is done playing with them. He also learned that he too fits through that little door. We have to be very watchful of what he puts out there. We couln't find the remotes one day and John says,"Did you check outside?" Nope but sure enough there it was sitting ont he patio just outside the doggie door! Way to go Lucas!
Lucas has learned what a Telephone is. He knows that it is something that you hold up to your ear and talk...but what he doesn't know is that not everything can be a phone. Example one--a dinner bowl can not be used as a telephone. He does this with just about everything. The remotes, shoes, random toys, books, you name it he thinks you talk into it. Silly boy!
This last picture is just a super cute picture of my favorite boy! I just love him!!

September 7, 2008

Look what I can do now!!

Lucas would like to share with you all what he has been mastering all week long!

September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

John and I decided to take advantage of our three day weekend with no work and no school. So it all started on Saturday when we went over to our friend Brian's house to go swimming in the pool. Lucas loves to swim but he has never been in a "real" pool. So it was so fun to see him having so much fun. This is a picture of Daddy and Lucas after they just got in the pool. Lucas wanted to be held close but after a few minutes he stretched out to get a tennis ball and throw it at mama!I was sitting on this little rafty thing and I decided to put Lucas on there with me. He thought it was hilarious that we could float around the pool and splash Daddy. There is this little hole where my feet are and he kept leaning forward to splash John with the water. John would go under water and pop his head up through the littl hole and Lucas would just laugh laugh laugh so loud. It was so much fun.
However, swimming for several hours takes its toll on a 1 year old. This was Lucas in the car on the ride home. By the way... that little yellow blanket thing is his "hug me" he will not leave his crib without it and heaven forbid we leave it at home...won't happen :) He loves his little hug me. He like to grab it and hug it and then put his face in it. It is his FAVORITE thing ever. He does however also have a blanky. If he doesn't have the hug me cause it's being washed or it is in the other room...he better have his blanky. The blanky is courtesy of his favorite Auntie Karlee who made it for him.

Monday we went on a little hike up in Red Rock Canyon. I think the hike was called Ice Box Canyon. It was so much fun. Lucas had so much fun! Tibo went too but he was a little out of shape...he kept trying to rest in the shade. After we went on a hike we ate a little picnic lunch in our car on the way home :)This is Tibo after the hike. He was exhausted! We'll definately have to take him on more walks now that it is cooling down outside! He loves hiking though so we will have to go up there to Red Rock more often this fall.

August 25, 2008

My baby is 1 years old!!

Can you believe it! My baby is ONE!! That's right folks, John and I have survived our first year of parenthood. I know, hard to believe that time goes by that quickly! But we made it this far...only about an eternity more to go :) While we were home in Idaho we had a little joint party for Lucas and Ethan. It was so much fun watching them eat their cake. Ethan was a bit more conservative. Lucas started of slow but once he got a bite or two there was no stopping him. Please note the freakin' adorable cake that Jilly-bean made for the boys. I am glad she did it because mine would have come in a box from Albertson's!

Here are a couple of close up's of Lucas's messy face. Needless to say after eating more sugar in one sitting than he has ever eaten before he was a mess. He was happy as a clam but covered in sugar from head to toe...including his eyebrows. Gotta love that green frosting!


So John and I finally took a vacation! After John working 12 hour days for 23 days in a row...we finally jumped on an airplane and flew home to Idaho. We had so much fun. I wish we were able to stay longer than we were. It was Lucas' first airplane ride. We didn't take any pictures on the airplane but this one is really cute from the airport. John bought a smoothie and I think Lucas drank most of it. Since learing how to drink from a straw it seems it is all he wants to do. Silly boy:)

While we were home we took in the festivities of the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo. We, of course, had to hit the parade. Which I must say is the same as it has been for the last 11 years of my life :) I loved every single second of it.

This is the Turner Clan watching the parade from the same spot they always watch the parade.

While we were home Lucas and Ethan played. Ethan has a little bubble and Lucas (like his mama) has no bubble. So it took a little while to find an activity that they both enjoyed at the same time. This is what we call "making a mess at Grandma Turners." They found this drawer the John's mom has filled with tupperware lids. They took turns digging through the drawer to find the lids they thought were cool and then they sat on the floor and played with them.

Here are the two cousins again posing for the camera. Lucas is such a cheeseball...I am sure that Ethan was just like, "i don't know him!"
Also while were in town we had the annual Frost family reunion. That is Grandma Lorna's side of the family. They had a little train going while were there so we put Lucas and Ethan on it. Ethan thought it was great. It took a little while for Lucas to warm up to the idea though. Once it got going he had a blast.
These pictures our of our little fish swimming in the pool that grandma bought for him. Well, she bought it for Caleb too but he didn't like the water as much. Lucas had so much fun. We had to take him out because he was turning purple. The little fountain that squirted up he thought was the funniest thing of all time. He just sat in the pool and would run his hands through the water. We had so much fun watching him. We had such a good time in Idaho. We really miss the slower paced lifestyle. No body to flip you off if you aren't in the middle of the intersection when the light turns green, and not a lot of cars on the road to begin with!! Someday we will return to the land of green..but not today :)