October 21, 2008

Long overdue post!

Well I have officially been repremanded for not updating my blog in over 4 weeks. The funny thing is usually I don't update it because there is not much that has happened since I last posted...however, that is not the case with this month because I feel a lot has happened to our little family these last few weeks. I'll start from the beginning.

For those of you who don't know. I live in Las Vegas. A 100% total desert. Well apparently I live an a particular area of Las Vegas where there is a lare population of Sun Spiders. Now, I get my house spayed every month for pest control and have yet to see one....until now! It was about 9pm, Lucas was fast asleep and I had curled up on the recliner to watch some TV. Out of the corner of my eye I see something running across the floor of my living room...it looked kinda like a mouse out of the corner of my eye. We I get up and go over to see what it is and this is what I see! YEP a GINOURMOUS SUN SPIDER! He was at least 2 inches around and about and inch off the floor as he was running! Totally freaked me out. Lucas is running all over and the thought that that giant spider could have bitten him just scares me to death. Needless to say I couldn't kill it...I was too scared to get close to it. So I called John at work and made him come home. He gets home and sees it through the bowl and says, "ya big baby it's not that big." Until he lifts up the bowl and sees the stupid thing full on! Then he says,"Ok, you may be right...that thing is totally freaky" So he goes in the kitchen and gets a cookie sheet and moves the bowl and smacks it with the cookie sheet so it stuns it. Then he scooped it up with the bowl and threw it in the toilet so we could flush him. I am still having nightmares to this day!! I called the pest people and told them to come out ASAP and spray my whole house. They were very good and came the next morning after I called.
Doggie Door!
We finally got a doggie door for Tibo. Well, our cute little Asian neighbor Charlie got Tibo a doggie door. She said she noticed we didn't have a door for our dog and she wanted to buy one for us. She said that dogs are like her grandchildren and she loves them so much that she would do anything for them. So she asks us to measure our door and a couple of days later she comes with this! Tibo loves it. He can sleep on the couch and then go out a go potty with out having to tell anyone to let him out! I like it too!
Lucas really enjoyes the door too. He thinks it is a great place to put his toys, remotes, shoes, etc when he is done playing with them. He also learned that he too fits through that little door. We have to be very watchful of what he puts out there. We couln't find the remotes one day and John says,"Did you check outside?" Nope but sure enough there it was sitting ont he patio just outside the doggie door! Way to go Lucas!
Lucas has learned what a Telephone is. He knows that it is something that you hold up to your ear and talk...but what he doesn't know is that not everything can be a phone. Example one--a dinner bowl can not be used as a telephone. He does this with just about everything. The remotes, shoes, random toys, books, you name it he thinks you talk into it. Silly boy!
This last picture is just a super cute picture of my favorite boy! I just love him!!


Kevin and Natali McKee said...

That spider is freaky. We have gotten Wolf spiders a few times and they are huge.

Where do you live? We had the same lady come and ask us if we want a doggy door as well. It kinda weirded us out though and she keeps harassing us about it.

Heather and Parker Lyons said...

Haa! Robyn, the doggie door lady is raiding your neighborhood! That has got to be one of the funniest stories I've heard in a long time.
Lucas is SOOO cute!

Stringham Family said...

That is one creepy spider. I'm glad it was at your house & not mine. I found a Brown Racluse (spelling????) in my laundry the other day. It was huge and scared me to death. I was loading the washer and it was just sitting in the middle of my basket. Jesse had to kill it for me. Anyways, Lucas is so adorable. What a cutie! Glad you are doing well.

Brody and Ashley said...

I think I am going to have nightmares too just thinking about how big that spider must have been. I HATE spiders! Love the doggie door too. What a nice neighbor!

Melissa said...

Hey!! That spider makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit...:) But, I'm super glad that you updated your blog! :) I love seeing pictures of cute Lucas! I love you guys!! :)

Jono and Natasha said...

I cannot believe the size of that spider!! I would have died. Your blog is so cute and I cannot believe how big Lucas is getting. He is so cute. We are doing good. It would be fun to see you guys over Christmas break. We have not seen you guys forever.

Molliana said...

We have those spiders too. We actually caught one about a year ago and it died in our house. Then we sprayed, and Angie got them. Then she sprayed and that is about the time you got them. I think they are heading south! Lol. Little do they know that we all know each other and ar plotting against them. MUWAHAHAHA!