December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

This is the view from in front of our house down the road this morning at 7am. SNOW!!! All in all it ended up dumping about 4 inches at our house. The schools around town were cancelled because Vegas doesn't have any snow removal equipment.
This is a picture of our house. I know to all you Idahoan and Utahans it looks totally puny but this snow storm pretty much shut Vegas down yesterday. The roads were crazy icy and people were slipping all over the place. John and I however....LOVED EVERY SECOND!!
This is Livy and Lucas. Livy is the neighbor accross the street. She and Lucas are only 3 days apart. They had so much fun playing in the snow. I think more than anything they were just so intrigued by this new white stuff that they kept just running around kicking it. Aren't Livy's little boots soooo cute!
Lucas and mommy played in the snow for like over an hour. We had a snowball fight with Dad and the camera. And Livy's big brother Liam came over for a snowball fight too. I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid. It was the most perfect snowball snow. I wish we could have had a snow day today like the schools and played all day long! :)

If you don't believe that we got four inches...this is what was left this morning on the wall by our house after the sun had been out for an hour. I can't wait until we get to Idaho and can play in the snow again...cause by the time I get home I am sure this snow will be all gone.


Kris Liljenquist said...
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Brody and Ashley said...

That is nuts! I have never heard of snow in Vegas before!

Heather and Parker Lyons said...

Those houses in your neighborhood look like gingerbread houses when they're covered in snow. That's awesome!

Carrie said...

What cute pictures! I'm glad you had so much fun playing in the snow. Lucas looks like he's having a ball! :)

Tom & Emily said...

How fun! I remember having snow twice in Vegas, but never that much. The weather is so consistent in Vegas I always loved when something different would happen, like rain or snow!

The Jensens said...

Robbie, I found you that is so great. I love your snow pics of vegas. It looks like a nice change of pace. It was fun seeing you and meeting that cutie Lucas. He is a bruser thats forsure. He is probably the coolest baby I have ever met.