August 25, 2008

My baby is 1 years old!!

Can you believe it! My baby is ONE!! That's right folks, John and I have survived our first year of parenthood. I know, hard to believe that time goes by that quickly! But we made it this far...only about an eternity more to go :) While we were home in Idaho we had a little joint party for Lucas and Ethan. It was so much fun watching them eat their cake. Ethan was a bit more conservative. Lucas started of slow but once he got a bite or two there was no stopping him. Please note the freakin' adorable cake that Jilly-bean made for the boys. I am glad she did it because mine would have come in a box from Albertson's!

Here are a couple of close up's of Lucas's messy face. Needless to say after eating more sugar in one sitting than he has ever eaten before he was a mess. He was happy as a clam but covered in sugar from head to toe...including his eyebrows. Gotta love that green frosting!


Heather said...

He's so cute! We always miss you guys. It was good to see you! We're counting down till we getta see you next.
Love ya lots!

Alisha said...

Here's to many more years with your super cutie!
Happy Birthday Lucas! :)

Brody and Ashley said...

Look at that little man! Hey your mom gave us your blog and I am so glad. I have been meaning to call you and get your blog address, cuz I was sure you had one. We will love seeing pictures of your family. We miss you. I hope you are all well and happy. Luke is getting so big and I can't believe he is one either! They grow up too fast.