July 26, 2010

Yellowstone 2010

While on the annual Henry's Lake trip we decided that we wanted to spend a day in Yellowstone. It has been several years since we had gone and stopped. Usually we just drive through looking at nature and looking for wildlife. This year we decided to actually go and see some of the places to visit. Our first stop was of course.....Old Faithful. Lucas LOVED it. He thought the "very big balpaino was rupting"....translation.."the very big volcano is erupting." It was so fun to see such pure excitement on his little face. We couldn't even get a picture with him looking at the camera while it was gysering.
It was such a cool thing to see. It is such a powerful form of nature. I felt bad....some of the girls stopped at the restroom and missed it. And Melissa was feeding Amy in the car so she missed it too. Sad :(
This was taken before Old Faithful actually erupted. Lucas thought it was boring. Silly kid.

While there in Yellowstone we did get to see quite a bit of wildlife. Mostly buffalo...which I am not so sure I am fond of after we were stuck in an hour and a half traffic jam caused by them. Let's just say two cranky, sleepy, hungry kids strapped in carseats while we waited our turn to cross through the buffalo herd.....NOT FUN!

We had a little picnic lunch at Old Faithful off in a little wooded area. It was really fun. Lucas and Ethan of course had to sit by each other to eat their sandwiches. They both really liked camping in general.
This is kind of a random photo. But there is a funny story to go along with it. Jill was taking this picture but notice how John is washing Lucas off with a wipey. Well moments before this picture was taken Jill and Maddie leaned over Lucas. Maddie was in the little snugglie on Jill's tummy. Just as they leaned over Maddie puked all over Lucas. Face, arms, legs, hair....it was really gross. Lucas didn't think it was very funny but everyone else laughed.

We also stopped at Yellowstone Lake to stretch our legs and go potty. It was kind of overcast while we were there but it was still so beautiful.
We had such a good time in Yellowstone and hopefully it won't be years before we go back. It was tradition in the Lyons home that we went to Yellowstone almost every year. Except we went up through the Jackson Hole Wy. way. Lots of good times and good memories!

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