July 29, 2010

6 and now 7....months!

I am a little behind...Kayleigh is now 7 months old. We haven't had her 6th month well check appointment yet because we were out of town and then she was sick and then the office was full until the second week in August. So i'll have to post the stats later. But here are some cute pictures and things she is doing!

6 months.

She is: Sitting up all by herself
Rolling around like a mad woman
drooling like there's no tomorrow
Babbeling...John swears she says Dada.

7 Months!
She is: eating yummy fruits and veggies
loves rice cereal and oatmeal
cut her first tooth for real this time.
trying to crawl
gets up on all fours like she is doing a pushup.
just as smiley and cute as ever!
We just really love this little girl and we are just so happy to have her in our family.

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