July 29, 2010

My baby elephant....

Meet Lucas' baby elephant. He really loves his baby elephant. He gets so excited every few weeks when he remembers he has a baby elephant. Today he said, "Mama take my picture with baby elephant." So I did. This was the result.
After though he said he just wanted a picture of Lukey. He the light of my life....when he doesn't drive me crazy!!
Lately he has been saying some pretty funny things. We have been trying to give him more choices in his day. So we'll say things like, "okay Lucas here are your choices...you can have milk or water with your dinner." Or if he is being naughty throwng a fit we'll say things like, "you have two choices buddy, you can either quit crying and use your words or you can sit in time out". Well, I have been getting stuff ready for girls camp next week and I had some ring pop's in a bag to go along with a lesson. Lucas has been wanting one all week. Everytime I tell him they are for girls camp he throws a big fit and says he wants girls camp. So I finally told him he could have a choice....for some reason that stuck in his head and yesterday he came up to me with the biggest grin ever and said...."mama I want my choices" Confused I said about what. He ran into the kitchen and brought me the bag of ring pops and said, "I want these choices." I about peed my pants! I guess he doesn't quite grasp the concept yet.

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