March 18, 2010


For all you non-believers of just how crazy my 2 year old are just a few photos with examples of things he has done in the last month alone....

This is Lucas in the garage sitting in the bin that has dog food in it....the blue thing that it is sitting on is a 50 gal drum of water...How did he manage idea but we had dog food everywhere in the garage...thank goodness for the shop vac Mom and Dad got us for Christmas!

This is Lucas in the bath tub fully clothed. He asked if he could get in the tub...I said No. So Lucas decided to do it himself. You can't really tell from this picture but he is completely soaked. He only had water running for about 1 mintute before I heard it and already he was drenched.
This isn't a very good picture because Lucas was running away...but that is INK! He found a pen and decided to draw all over his legs...Quietness=disaster at our house. This is one of those times that I thought he was being so good....NOPE!
These are grocery bags...he emptied the entire cupboard of them all over the kitchen and then started throwing them in the air saying, "Hooray, Hooray, Hooray".
Example 5.
This is our closet...notice the shoes on the ground. Normally they are neatly on the shelves paired up. Notice Lucas at the top of the closet. This is what he does when I am in the shower! Fun stuff!


Valerie Christensen said...

Oh Robyn! I feel what you are going through! Devin does or has done all of the above (except for the dog food). Some days I honestly feel like I deserve a purple heart or something for raising Devin.

And lets plan a play date soon!

Carrie said...

You should talk to my mom about our Lucas and his terrible two phase. He spray painted our living room twice with red paint, jumped out the window in only his diaper and moon boots then fell through the ice at the ponds and much, much more. Maybe its something with the name "Lucas". Hang in there. :)