February 18, 2010


So Lucas is chatter-box...does that suprise anybody? Lately he has been saying some pretty funny things I didn't want to forget them so I am writing them here. Here are some of the phrases we have been hearing lately:

Oh my goodness!
You have happy feet mama?
I can not be-lieve it.
You have whiskers mama?
I have raisin fngners (as Lucas would pronounce it)
Oh no...baby sister is crying.
Ugghh..Tibo..bad dog
Uh.. I don't want it
No mama...I can do it.

Several Conversations have gone like this:

Daddy: Does Mommy have whiskers?
Lucas: No (ha ha ha)
Daddy: Does Kayleigh have whiskers?
Lucas: No (ha ha ha)
Daddy: Does Lucas have whiskers?
Lucas: Um....no
Daddy: Does daddy have whiskers?
Lucas: YES!!!! (very excidedly)

Daddy: Lucas do you have a freckle?
Lucas: yes
Daddy: Where is your freckle?
Lucas: On my Neck! (he is very proud that he has a freckle on his neck!)

He has also been singing the "twinkle star song" alot lately. I'll have to get it on video. It is so stinkin' cute. I really love this kid! He is such a joy...a lot of stress...but so much fun and I can't imagine our lives without him.

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Haley said...

LOVE this Robbie - thanks for sharing for all of Lucas' "distance" aunties. More pictures!! I love you guys and can't wait to meet my newest little neicey.