February 1, 2010

Kayleigh's blessing

Since our family lives so far away and it is such a long drive we made the decision to bless Kayleigh at our home on a Saturday so that nobody would have to rush home after the blessing. It was really wonderful. Mom and Dad Lyons came down and brought with them Katelyn and Jayne and Mom and Dad Turner came down too. It was just John and the two grandpa's in the blessing circle but it was really neat. John gave our sweet Kayleigh a really beautiful blessing. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and it such a blessing to have a husband who honors his preisthood and could give our daughter a blessing. After the blessing we changed back into regular clothes and went to Cici's Pizza for lunch. It was so wonderful to be able to have that experiance and it is so wonderful that we could share it with our family. My really good friend Chelsea also came to the blessing.

John holding Kayleigh shortly before he gave her a name and a blessing. He did such a wonderful job and gave her the most beautiful blessing.

The very happy mama and daddy with our sweet little girl.

Our whole family...now a family of Four! Crazy.

Aunt Jayne holding her first neice. She actually held baby Angie first but this is the first niece by a few days.
Aunt Katelyn holding Kayleigh too.

Grandma and Grandpa Lyons

Grandma and Grandpa Turner

My mom with me and my daughter.

John with his Dad and Kayleigh.

The whole Lyons clan that made the trip down for the blessing.

The whole group of us in front of our house after the blessing.


Jill and Travis said...

I love all the pictures and info, Robyn! Thanks for posting them! So glad all is well and that family was able to make it down for Kayleigh's special day. Now, I just need a close-up of the little girl! And the pictures of Lucas laying by his baby sister are so sweet--love them!

Jill and Travis said...

Oh--haha, I just noticed the adorable little close-up picture of Kayleigh on the sidebar! Now I guess I should say I can't wait to see more! :)

Jayne & Alex Nelson said...

Thanks for letting us come. It was a very wonderful blessing John gave her and she is adorable....she is so perfect and sweet and I just love her to pieces! I didn't want to put her down!

Carrie said...

Looks like a nice day, a great idea to have it on a Saturday. :) She's so cute! Congrats again!