February 1, 2010

Lucas and Kayleigh...

Lucas is so excited that he has a new little sister...but he is not real sure about her yet. For the first few days, maybe even week, he wouldn't even go near her. When we would ask if he wanted to hold his baby sister he would say, "no, I don't want it". Finally a few days after we had her home and Grandma had left and it was just us he started to warm up to her a little bit. He started out by watching us change her diaper and saying, "look it's baby sister" and "look look look, mama she has tiny feet." Pretty soon that turned into, "baby sister is so cute". And finally one day while Kayleigh was enjoying some tummy time this is what I turned around to see.
Lucas, after getting his sippy filled, went and layed down by his baby sister and just watched her. He layed next to her for probably 10 mintues before getting up.
He just layed there and didn't say anything, just watched his baby sister in amazement.
Eventually he moved a little closer. This is my favorite picture. It was such a touching moment to see him finally want to see his baby sister. I just stood there and watched wondering what he was thinking and wondering what Kayleigh was thinking. They were both looking straight at each other. It was a really cool moment for a mommy.

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Abraham and Chelsea said...

That is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen!