January 28, 2009

Long Lost Turner Family....

Well, I'll make this brief...I HATE BEING AN ACCOUNTANT IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY!!! Enough Said!

Just kidding. Really though being an accountant at year end really sucks. Everything is "Priority" but there are not enough hours in the week to get them all done! Luckily I finally feel like I am catching up. Hopefully by February we'll be golden!

We are good...sorry I have not taken any pictures since my last post. How you ask...LAZY! I took two picture over the entire Christmas break and they were lame. I will need to get pictures from everyone else so I have them.

Life is good at our house when we are all together. School started again for John so two nights a week I don't even see him. And I don't see him the other nights of the week because apparently he is the only one at his work who can problem solve so he gets to work extra time trying to figure out their new machine...which he didn't design but is supposed to know how to make it work! :) We enjoy our Sundays, imensly!!

I'll try to be more proactive now that things are calming down at work and catch you all up on our family's goings on!


Jill and Travis said...

Wow! What a schedule you guys have to keep up! I am amazed. You can steal some of my pictures from Christmas--not thebest but I did get a few good ones of Lucas. I am not sure what the best way to get them to you is, so tell me what you think. And, on a side note, we are working on our second canister of those Gerber cheetos. Ethan loves them! Thanks for the suggestion. And, also, that little doodle thing I got from you is quite popular at church. It gets stolen by little kids all the time--they all love it! Good choice! Miss and love you guys!

Stringham Family said...

Sounds like you are soooo busy. Sorry to hear that you don't have much time together. Hope things slow down for you soon and you can enjoy one another a little more often. Can't wait to see new pics. of Lucas. I bet he is getting so big!

Heather and Parker Lyons said...

I've got some short videos from Christmas of Lucas mauling Tibo and Boomer. They're pretty cute, I'll see if I can get them to you. I know if I put pictures on my blog, you can just save them to your computer....I wonder if that works for videos too. Hmmm. I'll find out.