April 5, 2010

Sun Valley Snowboarding Trip

John and I had the opportunity to go up to Sun Valley and stay for the night. It was a perfect little get away for us. John has been working so hard this year with school and work. He's been to England twice this year for work and had 2 really hard classes. We both needed a break. John found an awesome deal on a one night stay at the Sun Valley Lodge and a lift ticket for $69 (based on double occupancy). We figured we probably won't ever snowboard in Sun Valley for any cheaper so we booked it. Mom was so sweet and took the day off to watch our kids for us. We had a fantastic time. The snow was FAB-U-LOUS!! They had received like 3 inches the day before, 6 inches the night before and it snowed for about 3 hours in the morning while we were there! I would venture to say the BEST snow I've snowboarded on in, EVER!

Sun Valley is an absolutely beautiful place to go. Those mountains are GI-NORMOUS! We would measure everything in Pomerelle runs...Example: That run is at least 4 big lift runs a Pomerelle.
Sun Valley also just got a new gondola to ride up. It was so fast and warm. Somehow it felt wrong to go up the mountain (or at least part of it) while the wind is whipping but not have it blowing in your face! HEAVEN!
It was really pretty to look out of the gondola at the mountains and their absolute wonder and beauty.

I am so glad I got to spend some time with my sweetie. I feel like I never see him anymore and it was wonderful to spend a whole day together, just the two of us!

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BreighAn said...

Look at you all dolled up for snowboarding! Fun!