April 30, 2010

Lucas too...

I have been posting so much about Kayleigh lately but Lucas is learning and changing so much too. I can't belive how much he is talking. The kid can communicate ANYTHING he wants. My favorite new things are:

*He asks you questions before you can ask him

Lucas: "Mama, what color is that?"
Mama: "I don't know, what color is that?"
Lucas: "It's red"
Mama: "Oh you are right...it is red"

*He loves to get piggy back rides. He says, "I get on my back"....he has a problem talking in the wrong person...my back=your back, carry you= carry me....etc.

*He is totally obsessed with the movie, "The Princess and the Frog"....he calls it the Froggy movie. He loves Mama Odie and the aligator. He has been jumping onto the couch from the end table and saying, "ha ta lu lah" for Hallelujah....the alligator jumps into the water and says that in the movie.

*He has been very polite to other people.... he says, "excuse me" when he passes by people and has been so good about saying Please and Thank you.

*He LOVES letters. As we drive anywhere he looks out his window and says, "look mama, letters".

*He has a huge imagination. When we were driving home to Idaho a few weeks ago as we would go Lucas would point out the window and say, "look look look...it's a ele-fant" or "look look look it's penguins". They were all trees with funny shapes.

*He is also really enjoying reading. He loves when you read to him. The only dangerous thing is that once you start you end up reading every book on the shelf. After every book he says, "oh that's a good story....let's read another one.". I heart him!

This picture was from our trip to the Leid Children's Museum. He said, "look mama, I a fireman."

With a face like this.....it is a good thing he is cute cause he definately tests my patience! But man, I can't imagine my life without him!

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Carrie said...

cute, cute, cute! I wish we lived closer so I could see him in action. :)