September 3, 2009

We are the Champions!

A couple of weeks ago when the softball season ended John's mens team won their very first championship. The last week of games they split with the team they played which made them tied for first place. The next week they had to have a playoff game....and they won!! It is their first championship since they started playing in this league. Every season they are so close and this year they won!! It was very exciting..Yay Varian.

Here is everyone on the team from the Left to Right:

Back Row: John, Brian, Steve and Ruby, Jared, Eric, Ryan, Dan, Rich L
Front Row: Tom, Roman, Larry, Joe, Rich V.

Missing was Terry who was visiting his grandbaby in London.

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Ted said...

Hey, are you ever going to announce that you are prego? Robbie you're slacking babe! How are you feeling? We love you guys! Love, Aunt Jo