August 27, 2009

Out with old---in with the New

After almost 7 years of ownership, we traded in John's truck and took advantage of the cash for clunkers program. The truck qualified so we thought we would take a look and see what we could get. We found a great car and went and made the deal. John is having a little bit of a hard time as the truck was the first car he ever purchased. Even Lucas is having a hard time...he looks out the window and says..."where daddy truck?" He hasn't gotten used to the idea.

Part of the reason is that Lucas loves to drive Daddy's truck when he gets home from work.
Here is the final picture with John and his truck. We took this picture in the morning before we left to go pick up the new car....

A brand spankin' new Hyundai Sonata. It is such a fun car and we feel a little spoiled because it is so nice. We really enjoy it and best of all it gets super good gas mileage. We will save so much money just in gas!

Black was not our first choice color but it was the only one in the lot in our price range with the features that we wanted. We are really excited...but I think we will miss the nostalgia of the truck...we had a lot of good memories with that truck.

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Kari Peterson said...

*sniff* no more truck! I can't believe it! Wow good job John, hard day I'm sure but love the new car!