October 25, 2007

Time that Flies!!

Time is something that a new mom is very aware of....or should I say lack of time. I officially went back to work last week and am learning how to run a house, buy groceries, work, keep a husband happy, keep a baby happy and clean, and still find time to sleep. It is defiantely a challenge. I fully understand now how my mom feels. I can only imagine how much time shrinks the more children you have. While I am not complaining...I would like to take a nice bath every now and again.

John is great but let's face it...full time work and full time school ain't the best schedule either. Somehow we are making it work. I feed Lucas while John showers, then John gets Luke ready while I shower and out the door by 7am....(well, planned out the door anyway!). It is crazy how a family must work together in order to make everyones lives a little easier. I couldn't do it by myself and John would go crazy if he didn't have dinner ready when he gets home from class at 11pm.

I have never been more aware of how little time there is in a day until now. But I am learning to deal with it. If the dishes have to stay in the sink another day in order to get some play time in with Luke, than so be it.....If we live out of laundry basket's and the dryer, it's okay. Some things in life are more important than a spotless house and folded laundry.

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