October 25, 2007

Lucas Blessing

I always wondered how new mom's felt on the day of thier baby's blessing...Now I know. It is a wonderful feeling. Lucas was blessed on October 14th up in Idaho by John. It was lots of fun. Lucas had so much fun playing with his Aunts and Uncles. We loved it. Here is a picture of him in his blessing outfit.
We had so much fun in Idaho becuase Travis and Jill also had a baby and they blessed him on the same day as Lucas. Lucas and Ethan are going to be best friends, I hope :)

Here are a couple more pictures of Lucas while we were up in Idaho.

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Heather said...

I found your blog through other's blogs. My husband Josh and I were friends with John at CSI before he left on his mission. Anyway, tell him we said Hi! Your baby is soo cute, and don't worry all those mom/wife things get better with time.
Josh and Heather Barnes