December 21, 2009

New "big boy" room

We finally got Lucas moved over into his new room in preparation for our baby girl to get here. Lucas LOVES his new big boy room and loves sleeping in the "new bed". It is not really a new bed as it was a hand-me-down from a co-worker of John's. It works great and saves so much space because of the drawers under the bed. It also saved money because we didn't have to buy a new dresser either. It has been really nice having Lucas in his new room because I was able to start getting the nursery ready again for a baby.

We had to buy a little stool for him to climb up into his new bed's a little too tall. He has figured out how to get on without the stool but the stool is there just in case. When we first got the bed all set up and he tried to get on and couldn't he said, " Oh too high". He now loves his bed and always at bed time when we tell him it is time to go to bed he gets super excited and says, "my new bed".

To get him more excited about moving to a new bed we found this super cute CARS bedspread to go with it. He likes that he gets to go nigh-night with McQueen.
The only downside....this is usually what his room looks like after naptime. Sometimes he thinks he is too big for naps and says, "i not sleepy mama" and then plays in his room for 2 hours instead of napping and then is totally grouchy the rest of the day....oh how rough it would be to HAVE to take a nap every day :)

Needless to say though the transition to the new room went as seemless as possible...which I am EXTREMELY grateful for!!

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