April 13, 2008


So Lucas has entered a stage in his life that I have been somewhat dreading. He is crawling. He went from trying so hard to being able to crawl all the way across the room while Mommy wasn't looking in two days. Crazy. Apparently it is one of those things that once you figure it out...you run with it!!

It has been so much fun to see him progress. And now that he is doing it is do much fun to see how happy he is that he can move around. Although, now I need to baby proof my house. He has already learned that he can pull each DVD out one by one off of the shelf. I guess that means I need to move them higher :)

Wish me luck as we try to survive the mobility :)


Amber said...

Best of luck to you! But just think, once your house is baby proofed (spelling?) you don't have to worry about it when Lucas starts to walk.

Karlee said...

My fingers are crossed!

Alisha W. said...

Honestly, I hated the crawling stage! I was so happy when Taylor finally learned to walk! :) Maybe it was because she 'crawl' until 10/11 months, it was rolling up until then and then she didn't walk until 15 months! I wanted to go out and work in the yard, but didn't want her crawling around in the dirt so I was happy when walking was accomplished!

Good luck with the baby proofing! Just when you think you have it all 'proofed' out they discover somewhere new that you have to fix! It's a never ending circle! But so much fun and so worth it.

Melissa said...

So, I hear he is standing now too!! Man!! I've got to come see you guys soon!!! School will be done in 2 weeks!! I love you guys lots!

The Anderson's said...

Hey! Isn't sad how fast they change... my little girl is just rolling over. It's so exciting but yet so sad!!! SHe will be driving before I know it!
ANyway how are you??? Kate was telling me that your sister is expecting??? I bet your mom is loving all of the grandbabies!
Take care,
Nicole (Bailey) ANderson

Katie said...

rob, i didn't realize you have a blog. it is so cute. lucas is getting to be SO big. are you thinking about baby 2 yet?