November 13, 2007

Baby talk

It has been over a week since I posted anything so maybe I should get on the ball. Lucas has learned how to not really talk.....but he LOVES the sound of his own voice! He will oooo and ahhhh and babble for 20 mintues straight. He talkes when he is on the changing table, or when he's in the car or in his swing, it doen't matter to him. He will just keep his little self entertained.

This has become quite the blessing for his mama!! Working full time and then still finding time to get stuff done has become quite the challenge for me. So Lucas often times gets propped up on a Boppy pillow next to mama on the bed while she folds laundry. He will just sit there and talk to me like he's telling stories.

John jokes around that if he talks this much now, he'll never shut up when he actually can talk. Something he says DEFINATELY came from me! :) There is definately no denying that I am the talker in the family. It has been so much fun to listen and watch him. Stay tuned for a video. I am working on how to convert the video into a smaller format so it is postable.


Patrick Family said...

yeah another friend that blogs! Here is my address.

Chris and Kara Wood said...

Hey Robin! Looks like you have one of these addicting things too! It was fun playing PIT the other night! You guys should come over sometime and we'll play!Here's my address.

Kara Wood

Chris and Kara Wood said...

And I just spelt your name wrong I Lame sorry!

Amber said...

As I was reading the first paragraph of your post, I thought, "Well...Lucas is his mother's son." I started laughing as I finished reading and that you all had the same thought. I bet he is just so cute!